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Top 8 open source project management tools for agile teams
You can download the Community Edition from Odoo is more than project management software; it's' a full, integrated business application suite that includes accounting, human resources, website and e-commerce, inventory, manufacturing, sales management CRM, and other tools. The free and open source community edition has limited features compared to the paid enterprise suite. Its project management application includes a Kanban-style task-tracking view for agile teams, which was updated in its latest release, Odoo 11.0, to include a progress bar and animation for tracking project status. The project management tool also includes Gantt charts, tasks, issues, graphs, and more. Odoo has a thriving community and provides user guides and other training resources. It is licensed under GPLv3 and requires Python and PostgreSQL. It is available for download for Linux, Windows, and Red Hat Package Manager, as a Docker image, and as source on GitHub. Taiga is an open source project management platform that focuses on Scrum and Agile development, with features including a Kanban board, tasks, sprints, issues, backlog, and epics.
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Unabhängig davon, ob Sie Scrum für Ihre Softwareentwicklung einsetzen oder für andere Projekte. Agiles Projektmanagement kann so einfach sein. Grenzenlose Möglichkeiten - Scrum Software neu definiert. Weil Anforderungen und Projekte flexibler werden, benötigen Sie ein Tool, welches Sie so gestalten, wie Sie es benötigen. Die Scrum Software in projectfacts lässt sich nicht nur für Projekte verwenden, sondern auf sämtliche im System angelegten Elemente.
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What is Scrum Learn and find resources to get started. Professional Scrum Defined Learn what it's' all about. The Scrum Guide Download and read the Scrum Guide. All Courses Get an overview of our courses. Applying Scrum Work together in Scrum Teams. Scrum Master Explore Agile and Scrum principles. Advanced Scrum Master Handle advanced level challenges and situations. Product Owner Discover product management skills practices. Advanced Product Owner Deepen understanding of the many PO stances. Agile Leadership Support and empower agile teams. Evidence-Based Management Improve outcomes, capabilities and results. Scaled Scrum Learn skills to overcome scaling challenges. Facilitation Skills Improve Scrum Team, stakeholder and customer interactions. Scrum with Kanban Understand how flow can help Scrum Teams. Scrum with User Experience Create cross-functional teams. Scrum for Software Development Learn Agile Software Practices.
Kostenloses Scrum Tool: So verwalten Sie Ihre agilen Teams und Projekt.
Bitte schauen Sie sich die Webinare und die Videos zu Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement an, wenn Sie mehr über die Funktionen der Scrum Management Tools von Bitrix24 erfahren möchten. Es stehen Ihnen 2 Versionen zur Verfügung: Cloud und On-Premise. Bitrix24 CLOUD Version - alle Daten werden in Deutschland gehostet. Jede Verbindung mit Bitrix24 wird über das SSL-Protokoll hergestellt, deshalb bleiben interne Unternehmensinformationen immer sicher geschützt und die Nutzer-Passwörter können nicht abgefangen werden. verpflichtet sich, die Richtlinien der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung DSGVO, die ab dem 25. Mai 2018 anzuwenden ist, einzuhalten. Bitrix24 ON-PREMISE Version - Bitrix24 On-Premise wird mit dem offenen Quellcode ausgeliefert. Bitrix24 On-Premise bedeutet, dass Sie - und nur Sie! - absolute Kontrolle über Ihre Daten haben. Datenübertragung erfolgt via eine SSL-verschlüsselte Verbindung mit einem 256-Bit-Schlüssel. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Informationen nach der Veröffentlichung aktualisiert werden können. Aktuelle Preise und Funktionen finden Sie auf der Bitrix24 Website unter Preise." Starten Sie kostenfrei. Basic Features von unserer Scrum Software. Kostenlos - Unbegrenzte Nutzeranzahl.
Online Project Management and Scrum Software - Acunote.
What Is Acunote. Acunote is an agile project management tool and Scrum software. Companies from 1 to 100,000, people use it to manage software development, IT project management, and as an online project management software for the whole company. Project Manager, IBM Enterprise Acunote User.
GitScrum - Work From Anywhere.
GitScrum is the perfect tool for agile project management and collaboration. Do more with GitScrum! Create a Free Account. GitScrum is the perfect tool for Modern Teams that value High Performance. We are based on the agile Scrum methodology. Try our Desktop App Beta.
Tuleap Open Source Agile Project Management and Software Development tools.
Pricing On-premises Enterprise-class open source ALM, on your server In the cloud Free yourself from setup and maintenance Other services Open Roadmap, Consulting, Training. Resources Webinars Success stories Insights articles Videos demos Release notes Online trainings Documentation. Company About us Press Room Partners Contact us Newsletter. Request a demo. Improve business agility to deliver compliant stellar software The all-in-one solution Agile and DevOps. On-premises or in the Cloud. Plan a demo. Agility and Compliance made possible together. Tuleap is the tool to turn your agile and digital transformation plans into reality. With Tuleap, you increase collaboration of multi-profil teams to continuously deliver valuable, compliant software adopting Agile and DevOps practices. All use cases. JTEKT achieves Compliance in the Automotive Industry: ISO 26262 and ASPICE. STMicroelectronics gains full control over complex software systems application lifecycle. The French Defense Procurement Agency DGA launches its agile transformation with an innovative Digital Workplace. Agile at scale. Using Scrum of Scrum to orchestrate several teams and build an app to manage large volumes of data. Product Management, Project Tracking., Test management, Software development. Say goodbye to multiple tools with a single solution.
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Open source and free agile tools. Agile Tools Agile Glossary. Welcome to an overview of open source agile project management software tools. This site has been created by Targetprocess, a company that has been developing commercial software for agile project management and bug tracking since 2004. We hope that you find required tools among open source projects, but if not, visit our website to check out the cool features of our professionally maintained agile software. Extreme Programming XP. Burn Down Chart. Effort Estimates in Abstract Units Points. Scrum is an agile methodology for software project management. Scrum was invented in 1993 by Jeff Sutherland, John Scumniotales and Jeff McKenna.
Scrum Software An Online Scrum Tool for Agile Teams.
Zoho Sprints supports the Scrum framework. Scrum project management proposes releasing your product in iterative sprints, giving you the freedom to frequently and easily evaluate where your project is headed. Online scrum software encourages effective communication and sprint review meetings to help make sure you're' building the products your customers really want. Stay ready for change. Sign up for free. Scrum Software Decoded.
Application or Product Focus - Large Scale Scrum LeSS.
Scrum can also be used for true projects that are one-time initiatives rather than work to create or evolve long-lived applications; still, in this case the Team and Product Owner do the project management. What if there is insufficient new work from one or more existing applications to warrant a dedicated long-lived Team for each application?
iceScrum iceScrum, Your professional and Open Source Scrum Agile project management software.
a Free Op en-source Agile Core. See all the apps. We use iceScrum daily for 6 years. It is simple and visual and the support is reactive and effective. Olivier Audouze, CEO. Our team is multinational so it is not possible to have physical visual board, the answer is icescrum! Venkateswara Konduri, Scrum Master. I particularly appreciate the quality of maintenance and custom support we get from the team. Sébastien Bousseau, Project Manager. La Banque Postale. The tool is a strong guide that helps focus on the outcome of our projects rather than on the methodology.

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